Beauty Within & Without | Ideal Weight at Kamalaya

Designed to help identify areas of physical imbalance and related emotional or mental patterns, this wellness retreat program guides you towards achieving your optimal weight and maintaining your balance within and without. This is not a "fad" diet designed for rapid weight loss, but a healty lifestyle approach for long term weight management and improved wellbeing. Dietary recommendation and guidance from holistic practicioners in nutrition, naturopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine are included, in addition to therapies such as Chi Nei Tsnag abdominal massage, acupunture and infrared sauna, along with Personal Fitness training.

The Place

Kamalaya Koh Samui Luxury Wellness RetreatKamalaya Koh Samui is a unique, award-winning Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa resort where guests can experience life-enriching, healthy holidays.
Integrating a diverse range of Oriental and Western healing practices, Kamalaya's experienced practitioners and dedicated professionals offer a wide variety of health treatments and solutions for detox, yoga, stress and burnout, fitness and weight control. The perfect place for those who are looking for a relaxing and restorative holiday, this fantastic resort provides inspiring environment, a sublimely beautiful natural surroundings , delicious healthy cuisine, holistic fitness practices, group retreats, and individual wellness programs.

The Accommodation

Kamalaya Hillside_seaview_roomThis proposal includes guests' stay in a Hillside Seaview Room, cosy retreats simply designed and accented with natural furnishings. Nestled amidst magnificent boulders and trees, these rooms are minutes away from the hilltop Yoga Pavilion and Yantra Hall - where many activities take place daily - and have breathtaking view of the sea and the surrounding nature. Hillside Seaview Rooms include also: air-conditioning, CD & stereo, system, refrigerator, beverage & snack facilities, personal safe, telephone, hair dryer, yoga mats. Accommodation of higher/lower category can be provided upon request.

The Cuisine

Gourmet Healthy Cuisine at KamalayaKamalaya approach to cuisine is truly inspiring: a selection of healthy and delicious food in a menu that aims to educate guests to develop a more thoughtful and enriching relationship with food. Purist might be alarmed to find some rich dishes on the menu but Kamalaya recognizes that human nature seeks indulgence. The menu you will find here has been created with a smattering of indulgence dishes to "replicate" the real world and illustrate the wisdom of balance and moderation. Kamalaya approach is to make so many healthy and delicious option available that is effortless to make healthful choices. Ideal Weight Program include 3 healthy cuisine meals per day and all beverages, yummy juices and drinks (excluding imported drinks and alcohol).

The Body & Health Check

The Body & Health CheckStep 1: Ideal Weight Consultation

True health begins with knowledge of your underlying constitution and the tools to correct both manifest and latent imbalances. Your program at Kamalaya will become with a process of self-discovery through the initial Ideal Weight Consultation and protocols that will determine blood pressure, heart rate, body mass index and nutritional status. Further testing for allergies, liver and thyroid disorders, hormonal imbalances, chemical and heavy metal toxicity, etc are available. All diagnostic and treatment modalities at Kamalaya are backed by scientific research and overseen by experienced professionals. Collectively, Kamalaya's optional diagnostic procedures can help determine an optimal program based on each guest's personal objectives and desired intensity level, drawing from Kamalaya's wide range of therapeutic modalities.

Step 2: Body Bio-Impedance Analysis

This is a method of measuring the ratio of body fat against lean muscle mass which helps to determine a realistic measure relating to your picture of health and well being. This may help in planning goals for weight management or in achieving a better body balance for health improvement and prevention of illness. Your session of Body Bio-Impedance Analysis will also give you valuable information on cellular health, metabolism, toxicity to help create naturopathic, nutrition, or exercise programs suited to your individual needs.

Step 3: Holistic Fitness Evaluation

A Personal Health and Fitness Profile can provide you with valuable feedback. A fitness professional will measure your aerobic capacity, flexibility, and balance. This helps Kamalaya provide you with a personalized program specifically for you to ensure maximum benefit for your retreat.

Step 4: Nutritional Guidance

Based on gender, biochemical individuality, genetics, exercise and fitness levels, metabolic function, state of health, and place of residence to assess individual dietary needs. This evaluation helps establish specific needs for dietary supplements including vitamins, minerals, phyto-nutrients, pro-biotics, and essential fatty oils for restoring health and preventing illness.

The Facilities

Herbal Steam Caver and Plunge Pools at KamalayaThroughout your stay at Kamalaya use freely the herbal steam cavern, equipped with an interior waterfall and exterior natural rock wall.
Three plunge pools of varying temperatures - with magnificent tranquil views of the coast and the tropical vegetation - are situated close by for cooling the body after steam sessions.
Use of the swimming pools, the Shakti Fitness Centre and attendance to the scheduled holistic activities are included in your stay as well.

The Activities

Holistic Wellness at Kamalaya Koh SamuiA wide range of holistic activities take place every day in Kamalaya: a variety of yoga styles, including Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga, which can be enjoyed as group classes or private instruction; Tai Chi which is great to release tension, maintain and enhance suppleness and tone, and promote a heightened integration of body, mind, and spirit; Meditation to help you replace stress by a deep sense of peace, happiness, and harmony; Qi Gong, the ancient Chinese medical practice that recognizes the body as a matrix of energy pathways through which the life force or "Chi" must flow smoothly in order to achieve and preserve dynamic health; Pranayama - the "Science of Breath" - consisting of slow, regulated deep breathing, that helps to calm the mind, balance the emotions, and reduce stress; Pilates to help you develop 'core stability' as well as to encourage flexible muscles and joints; and Spirit Dance, a playful remedy to release tension and nurture the inner child by allowing the body to feel and express emotions through free movements. All are available to Kamalaya guests - just check the calendar and enjoy!

7 nights Ideal Weight Program 

Kamalaya Lymphatic Drainage7 nights might not bring drastic results in terms of weight loss but can certainly teach you taking better care of your body and mind while giving you a nice rejuvenation spur. This program includes all of the facilities, activities and benefits described above plus:
- 3 x 60 minute Personal Trainer
- 2 x 60 minute Acupuncture
- 6 x 30 minute Far Infrared Sauna
- 3 x 60 minute Chi Nei Tsang
- 1 x 60 minute Oriental Detoxifying Scrub and Wrap
- 1 x 90 minute Lymphatic Drainage

14 nights Ideal Weight Program

Kamalaya_Chi_Nei_TsangIf what you need is 2 weeks of pure relax, taking care of yourself and carelessly losing the weight and the emotional imbalance you don't want, this is the program for you. Extras include:
- 6 x 60 minute Personal Trainer
- 4 x 60 minute Acupuncture
- 13 x 30 minute Far Infrared Sauna
- 5 x 60 minute Chi Nei Tsang
- 2 x 60 minute Oriental Detoxifying Scrub and Wrap
- 2 x 90 minute Lymphatic Drainage Massage
- 1 x 90 minute Vital Essence Oil Massage
- 1 x 60 minute Indian Head Massage
- 1 x 60 minute Traditional Asian Foot Massage
- 1 x 60 minute Sodashi Pure Radiance Facial
- 1 x mid Ideal Weight Consultation.


Beauty Within and Without | Ideal Weight at Kamalaya Ko Samui | Ref.: WE01  

From 1 April to 31 October 2012:
- 7 nights program: THB 125.000/person | approx € 3.250
- 14 nights program: THB 240.340/person | approx € 6.250

From 1 November to 16 December 2012 and 21 January to 31 October 2013:

- 7 nights program: THB 126.710/person | approx € 3.300
- 14 nights program: THB 243.850/person | approx € 6.350

From 17 December 2012 to 20 January 2013:
- 7 nights program: THB 148.560/person | approx € 3.870
- 14 nights program: THB 287.600/person | approx € 7.480

Valid for one person in single occupancy Hillside Seaview room. Special offers for first time guests, returning guests and Asian resident are available. Contact us to know more about them!

Additional person sharing the same room without program:
- € 980 (7 nights)
- € 1.960 (14 nights)
*Including full board and roundtrip airport transfer.

To book or personalize this proposal please contact us at:
or visit us at:

Other wellness programs available, details upon request
Relax and renew: for people in need to step back from their life for a while.
Yoga Synergy: private one-to-one yoga session with complimentary treatments.
Intro to detox: for people new to detoxification and cleansing body, mind and spirit.
Optimal fitness: to help people achieve their fitness goal.
Asian bliss: an immersion into the holistic healing traditions of Asia.
This tour includes:

- Return transfer from/to Samui Airport - Hotel
- Accommodation in Hillside Room Seaview (7, 9 or 14 nights)
- 3 healthy cuisine meals per day, a la carte or set detox menu; full board starts with dinner on day of arrival
- All beverages, excluding imported drinks and alcohol
- Round trip airport transfer from Samui Airport
- 1 x Ideal Weight Consultation
- 1 x follow-up Ideal Weight Consultation
- 1 x Body Bio-impedance Analysis
- 1 x 60 mins Holistic Fitness Evaluation
- 1 x 60 mins Nutritional Guidance
- Use of Steam Cavern, swimming pool, plunge pools and Shakti Fitness Centre
- Complimentary attendance to scheduled daily holistic fitness activities 

7 nights Ideal Weight program : Additional inclusions

- 3 x 60 minute Personal Trainer
- 2 x 60 minute Acupuncture
- 6 x 30 minute Far Infrared Sauna
- 3 x 60 minute Chi Nei Tsang
- 1 x 60 minute Oriental Detoxifying Scrub and Wrap
- 1 x 90 minute Lymphatic Drainage

14 nights Ideal Weight program : Additional inclusions:

- 6 x 60 minute Personal Trainer
- 4 x 60 minute Acupuncture
- 13 x 30 minute Far Infrared Sauna
- 5 x 60 minute Chi Nei Tsang
- 2 x 60 minute Oriental Detoxifying Scrub and Wrap
- 2 x 90 minute Lymphatic Drainage Massage
- 1 x 90 minute Vital Essence Oil Massage
- 1 x 60 minute Indian Head Massage
- 1 x 60 minute Traditional Asian Foot Massage
- 1 x 60 minute Sodashi Pure Radiance Facial
- 1 x mid Ideal Weight Consultation

This tour does not include:

Flight tickets from/to your country, available upon request.
Meals, Spa treatments and additional services not listed above and in the travel proposal description.

Rooms are subjected to hotels availability.
Any treatments, services and meals not utilised are not refundable
Equivalent, lower or higher standards' accommodation can be provided upon request.
Proposals and activities can be scheduled differently according with suppliers' availability.

For terms and conditions, please visit:


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